“What I loved about your service, was that I didn’t feel home sick. You offered a wonderful place to stay in and I felt at home. I was treated very well and taken care of throughout my stay. I had a luxury suite with spacious rooms and there were garden views that were magnificent. ”

– Brian, Assistant Manager, City Financial

“I just wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful care that was given to our employees during their stay in Toronto. They enjoy a comfortable, high quality stay that also included a superb internet service which kept them in touch with everyone back home. Our employees were very happy with the service provided which they say was excellent and they couldn’t have wished for anything better.”

– Sarah Thompson, Human Resources, FairFax Limited

“I really enjoyed my stay in your building and if I weren’t leaving the state, I would have stayed in my beautiful apartment. You staff have been amazing and so kind throughout my stay and it has been a real pleasure renting from you. The janitor was exceptional and was always on hand whenever there was a problem. He was so conscientious and I really appreciated this.”

– Joseph Donnelly, Program Manager, Intel

“The service that you and your company have provided to AIB Bank has been superb. We have a relatively new association with yourselves and we were really impressed by the level of service and commitment that you have shown our employees during their transfer. In the past we had a number of issues but your company has shown itself to be reliable. Your apartments in the greater Toronto area were exactly what we needed and the speed in which your handled everything surpassed our expectations. The follow-up service that you offer is excellent and we now know that we have found a company that we will continue to have a relationship with in the future.”

– Keith Summers, Operations Manager, AIB Bank